Google Pixel Watch

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Google has not yet launched its Google Pixel watch. According to Evan Blas, Google will surely use its hardware program to announce its second generation version of the Pixel Bud and a wearable OS smartwatch with a pixel branding.

We don’t have any precise information on these products, but it will not forbid me from speculation.
Google selected to partner with LG on its watch style and the watch game. Recent leaks suggested that we can look at the first Google Pixel watch before this year ends.

Google Pixel Watch

When it comes to predicting things for the first time, the first exposure comes from a person with an outstanding track record. The Venture Beat Tech journalist Evan Blas had released the following tweets a few months ago.
Evan Blas has also quoted pixel books, which will enhance with a third generation pixel phone. Miserably, he does not equip any supplementary details on the upcoming smartwatch.

In the past Google’s line of smartwatch known as Android ware, now it will be known as Ware OS, is afflicted by equality and repetition. Many manufacturers, too much meditation and none of them are really very good.
But the huge changes are coming this year. Google has confirmed that with at least one product reaching this fall, even up to three, Wear OS watches will be improved.

Google Pixel Watch

Foe smartwatch, it is expected that we will currently able to wear it out of the existing rut. Smartwatch is precarious, and Google needs to get the balance of offering enough features in the gadget which will look good on the male and female wrist while keeping prices fair. Qualcomm has latterly ridiculed that it is developing a new smartwatch processor that will indubitably change the wearable OS ecosystem and that it will start with “Lead Smartwatch” before the holding system. Or we can say that. This is more than likely to be the year of pixel watch, for which we all are waiting for. Google has not yet announced the date of its downgrade program, but considering how this happened over the last two years on October 4, I would say that the beginning of October is a safe bet.

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Google has introduced its Pixel series for the first time in the year 2016, and since then, the smartphone market is working hard on the market to establish itself as a serious player. Google can be one of the world’s most powerful and reputable companies, but when it comes to hardware, it is still very new. We saw a big upgrade with Pixel 2 compare to authentic pixel line, and we are hoping to get it again with Pixel 3. Google is rapidly learning what happens to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple and see how pixel 2 was one of the best smartphones for 2017, there is a lot of whirl on this year’s entry.

Google Pixel Watch

We expected that Google to mention the clock in its three-day annual input/output conference in the month of May. The company used the fortuity to make some important updates to developers such as advanced battery saving mode. However, no pixel watch was ever mentioned. But a later report from the German tech site provides some more clues. As some other sources, according to these hearsays-

  • This will be the first forerunner timepiece designed and built by Google.
  •  These watches will also have LTE, GPS, and Volte support.
  •  Wear all kinds of smartphone 3100 with the game Qualcomm’s new chip, which uses ARM Cortex A7 architecture and Adreno 304 GPU. This is the first time since 2016 that Qualcomm has to promote the processor and the company has formally confirmed that it will be out of this fall.
  •  The company s not only working on one but also on other three Wear OS watches. They have been named Ling, Sardine, and Triton. These can be the same watch forms, which vary in terms of size and characteristics.
  •  The last two pixel phones were launched in 2016 and 2017, both of which were in October. Pre-holiday sales launch makes sense right. Google pixel watch has been reported by some pretty coveted sources, especially by the blogger Evan Blas.
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Google’s clock designed in Google’s expanded hardware lineup will include Google Home, Google Pixel Buds, Pixel Phone and Daydream view VR headset. And this could be mean that Google wants to get started n its Flagship device.

In May a report indicated that there is three Google smartwatch on the way not only one. Full new Qualcomm chipset will give it a good battery life. Qualcomm has accustomed that it is designed a new wearable Chipset with the Google which will be the engine to upgrade the next generation watch.

Power mode will also be added to the watch. Pankaj Kedia, the senior director of Qualcomm’s smart wearable segment, says that “Today we have distinct modes” i-e, environment mode, interactive mode and low battery mode. And of course, the new architecture will increase all of the above.

Wear OS software is formerly focusing on superior battery life, but some of the features have been detached from the developer build, conceivably the new chips indicate waiting until they reach the fall.

The German reporter advice that there will be three Google pixel watch precise some possible significations, LTE, GPS and Volte support and some also have sensors for heart rate with the perfect ability to detect the level of stress. Some of the features previously exist on other smartwatches.

The New Design

Qualcomm Kedia suggested CNET that the coal of next watch improvement would be to look better. A next-generation wear will not be the OS watch. The most amazing rumors point to Samsung to run on its next Gear S4 watch instead of the Wearable OS. Samsung Android ware was down with Samsung Gear Live on the launch of Android Wear in the year. So Samsung could have two types of planned watches.

Price of the Smartwatches

Apple watch series starts at $ 329, £ 329 and AU $459. A full-featured Pixel watch probably will be the least cost with cellular phone calls and GPS, the cost of last year premium Android Ware watch, LG watch support cost $ 350 and £ 350.

Stay tuned for all new updates on Google Pixel Watch .


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