GTA 6 Latest News

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GTA series is one of the best game series in the market. It is owned and developed by Rockstar games. GTA 5 was launched in September 2013 and is one of the bestselling games of all time. It has collected more the $800 in its first day and within 3 days sale, it passed $ 1 billion counts. Many critics have claimed GTA 5 as the best game ever made.

About GTA 6

GTA 6 is the most awaited game which has been in talked for a while now and all games lovers are desperately waiting for its release. As all the past GTA series have the huge fan following so there are so many expectations for GTA 6 release across the fans.

As Rockstar has announced to launch Red Dead Redemption this October for Xbox One and PS4, later it will come for PC too so we can say that Rockstar team is focused on Red Dead Redemption as of now.

GTA 6 Latest News

GTA 6 News

Rockstar has not confirmed any updates for GTA 6, but you are at a good place we have something for you guys as per our internal source Rockstar has ready working for years in the development of GTA 6 and initial testing and planning has already been done. This time GTA 6 is gonna be Killer like we have never experienced before with extraordinary graphics, huge map, new cars and a lot.

According to the leaks, GTA 6 will have the full map of North America this time, so you can take some missions in New York and some In California, you can travel from one island to another for missions interesting right ???

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If we talk about release date it will take 3-4 years from now and will be launched in mid of 2022. GTA 6 will be launched in Gaming console and PC same time. So wait as good thing takes time and continue reading our articles for new updates of GTA 6.

GTA 6 Latest News

GTA 6: What Will Be New

Character :
All past series of GTA we have seen male dominating avatars like its CJ for San Andreas, Niko from GTA 4 or Michael, Franklin from GTA 5 only in GTA 3 we have seen character Catalina but this time again we will see some female leads in the show.

Location :
We have been to Liberty city, Vice city, China town, London and San Andreas but this time it will be the way to big we can travel across North America from one city to another.

GTA 6 Latest News

Graphics :
We can assure you that this time game graphics will be extraordinary like never seen before. 4K resolution and VR will give effects and feels like living inside the character. Rocker star team is working hard and playing GTA 6 will be like the experience of the lifetime.

All the Cars, buses, bicycles, bike and truck will be updated as per real life to give ultimate game experience. This time In GTA 6 Skateboards and rollerblades will be introduced.

As we have marked above that till now Rockstar team has not announced any updates in GTA 6 yet but as soon we will get any new update on GTA 6 we will update here, so stay tuned.

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  1. Is the GTA 6 map going to on one piece of land of set on islands?I would like to see the GTA 6 map. I would like to see Boston and Essex County, and the State of Florida in GTA 6 map. I also would like to visit my home town of Newburyport MA in GTA 6 and go inside my high school in the GTA 6. That would be awesome to go inside my virtual Newburyport high school and shoot it up.

  2. I would love to drive a cross North America and GTA 6 that would be that would be The Ultimate GTA Game Rockstar Games won’t have to make a another GTA Game ever again just as long if it’s has Boston and Essex County Mass , and the entire state of Florida in GTA 6.

  3. SoundTrack NO RAP music in GTA 6! I would like to hear Instrumental synthesizer music. Also No Country Music in GTA 6!


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