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Download Tencent Gaming Buddy from the link provided below. Tencent is the company which brought undoubtedly the most popular and best battle royal game to the world gaming industry, i.e Player Unknown’s Battleground also called PUBG. Over the last year, PUBG Mobile has been the most famous mobile game now almost everyone in the mobile gaming world is a fan of it.

Now since the mobile gaming was not previously been taken to such a big level, it wasn’t this much in use as before, and most of the gamers across the world play on their Personal Computers.

Though there a PUBG PC game also available for PC playing but we can also play PUBG Mobile on our PC using the Tencent gaming buddy, which is a PC emulator officially released by Tencent for the users to play PUBG Mobile on your PC!

For many days there was no such thing as PC version of PUBG mobile but the Chinese development studio offered any user that wants to play for free this fully packed action game on a computer without downloading an emulator like – Nox App Player, MeMu, Ginnymotion, Android Studio, Archon and most commonly used is BlueStacks on one side, and the APK on the other.

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Although, this question pops-up in many minds that PUBG PC is the game already in play and PUBGMobile is the second game working on mobile phones, so why bringing up the same game in PC when we have it in PC always. The answer brings us to two parts of it, one that not everyone who is a PC player or wants to play the PUBG PC version has got a well PC setup to support the high graphics requirement game.

The second reason behind it is that PUBGMobile has been really very much popular, especially in the last year, it was the most downloaded game, so people generally want to play what’s popular and what is being played the most, and hence Tencent brought us the Tencent gaming buddy. The emulator gameplay, however, is different than the PUBG PC gameplay.

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It’s an Android emulator for PC with plenty of choices to install and makes the game run in our collection, offering us access to the different settings arrangement of the latter such as graphics videos or controls (it’s good with both the keyboards and gamepads).

There is only one drawback in this method, for time being, TENCENT GAME BUDDY, only offers us to play PUBG mobile although we expect them to offer more Tencent games which can be played on this emulator in future.

TENCENT GAMING BUDDY can also be played on low-end computers. The regular PC version of PUBG faces optimization issues when played on computers which do not have required hardware to run the PC version of the game. If you have high-end graphics, a powerful computer, it will only make your gaming experience from better to the next level.

Most of the emulators of PC only helps to emulate multiple android apps and games into PC. However, TENCENT GAMING BUDDY is a PUBG mobile exclusive, at least in the Global Gaming Market. Also, this gaming buddy “emulator” is easy to install, this requires no VPN or account creation to download the emulator. Anyone can download the emulator and by downloading the additional files after installing the emulator start playing the game within the second.

This emulator has quite a few customization setting, which lets you customize PUBG mobile control overlay. Also, these controls are context perceptive. This means the control would change to adapt while gamer is driving vehicle or opening their inventory. There are many other options too, anyone can tap or hold their hotkeys for toggling ADS.

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Download Tencent Gaming Buddy File – Latest Update 2020

Application Name:Tencent Gaming Buddy
Current Version:1.0.5697.123
File Size:9.24 MB
Updated On:30-April-2020
File Name:tencent-gaming-buddy.exe
Minimum Version Required:Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy File Here

Tencent gaming buddy is much accessible and customizable which serves as a plus point. The regular PC is not this much fascinated by optimization, it faces issues when customization is called, but the Tencent gaming buddy works great enough to make the player as much comfortable as they want.

The control set up is flexible and the display depends upon your PC interior. If the game is PC is a beast, this game is just the thing for it, it will support it to the fullest possible. It will support HD and 4K video streaming too.

One drawback about this emulator is that it is dedicated only to Player Unknown’s Battle Ground. Though players expect more Tencent games to be played on this emulator, after all, it is a Tencent gaming buddy, but we can hope to see more games in the upcoming time, but right now, it is dedicated only to Player Unknown’s Battle Ground and works quite good it.

Another drawback is that PUBG emulators are hacked and hacks are working more and more these days and their easy compatibility gives some other adverse effects too.

Further, any information about Tencent or the Tencent gaming buddy will be uploaded on www.thinkgsm.com so stay connected!


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