How to Download WhatsApp Stickers For Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

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WhatsApp has recently updated with a sticker feature, now you can use colorful stickers in your chat to make it more interesting and expressive. This was the feature which was in so demand by each and every WhatsApp user. Now finally it is available with the new update, just update your WhatsApp from the Play Store and enjoy the beautiful stickers. Just click on the emoji logo at the bottom now you will get three options one for smiles, second for GIF and the last one sticker.

There are stickers which you can download directly, and you can even add more stickers which you will get via the link at the bottom. It will direct you to the Play Store from where you can download bundles of stickers.

You can even create your own stickers using an app Sticker maker for WhatsApp which is available at Play Store. Here is the link for the app

How to Download WhatsApp Stickers For Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

People all around the world will be soon celebrating Christmas and New Year. Celebrating messages will be flooded over the WhatsApp and this time you would be able to send stickers to your loved ones directly from the WhatsApp messenger. This is a new way by which you can wish and communicate with your friends and family members.

Now it the question comes how to download, you can download some stickers which are coming directly on WhatsApp sticker page. You can find stickers by clicking on the smile logo and at the bottom, you will see a similes page, then GIF page and at the last, you will see the sticker page.

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The first step is you need to click at the + sign which you can find at the top extreme right corner. Once you click on this you will be two options with My stickers and All stickers. First, as you have not to download any stickers then you need to download from all stickers. Now you can see the downloaded stickers in My Stickers section. Right now there are very fewer stickers available you can download it from the third-party and enjoy.

How to Download WhatsApp Stickers For Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

How to Install WhatsApp stickers from Third-Party

1. In sticker box tap on the + icon.
2. Once you click on the + icon, you will be able to see All Stickers and My Stickers
3. To download more stickers scroll “All Stickers” and at the bottom, you will see “Get More Stickers”.
4. You will get a bundle of options to download and get stickers.
5. You can also type “WAStickersAPP” on Play Store or Apple store.

Now that you know how to use stickers, here’s how to download WhatsApp stickers for Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

1. Head to the Google Play store and search for the app ‘Happy Near Year or Christmas stickers for WhatsApp, WAStickerApps’.
2. Once the app is installed in your device, you will find two sticker package – Christmas stickers and Happy New year Stickers.
3. Add stickers to WhatsApp, click on the emoji symbol and click on the Stickers symbol towards the bottom of the device, then right next to Emoji and GIF symbol to access the newly added stickers in your WhatsApp.
4. Enjoy! Now you can send the stickers to your family and friends and wish them.

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Download WhatsApp Stickers For Christmas and Happy New Year

Download WhatsApp APK here

Download WA Stickers Happy For New Year 2019 Here

Download WA Stickers For Christmas 2018 Here

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