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Download Xender For PC from the link provided below. Laptop and computers are used these days by almost everyone and everywhere from organizations to shopping centers these are widely used and in use from decades now.

As using laptops and computers from very long time definitely, there must be lots of data in it and transferring to another computer or person is always a hassle. Especially, when you need to exchange files between different computers with the huge size it is going to take lots of time. And if it is very urgent you need to buy external drives to transfer files between different computers. Still, this method takes lots of your time as you need to first transfer it to external drive then from external drive you need to copy it to another computer you need to transfer.

Nowadays it’s a very fast moving world and you can waste a single time of your life especially for transferring files. Transferring files in mobile are so much easy, its take very little amount of your time. To make this happen with the computer as well, you can download software Xender. This software will let this happen to transfer files in a faster manner from one computer to another computer without any hassle.

Using Xender app you can transfer any size file from one computer to another and so on without any issue. This will transfer the file in super speed which will save your energy and time in transferring files.

Xender is very popular app amongst people across mobile phones it was available for mobile phones from a very long time now this software is available for PC and laptop as well. This is going to save you lots of time as when Xender app was used by the mobile user it was loved by many users and they wanted to have this software for Computers and laptop as well. As transferring files was a kind of hassle of every time.

So here comers Xenders software for PC, now with PC and laptop as well you people will be able to transfer files without any issue and wasting time.
In this further article, we will explain in detail how this app works and how to download this software on your computer or laptop.

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Xender is used to transfer huge files as well that you might have not imagined you can transfer videos, movies, wallpapers, images, pictures, GIFs and many more other types of files in a smooth and faster way. Before it was available for Android and iOS platforms now it is available for PC as well. Now without any barrier, you can transfer files.

Xender Features for Windows that everyone should know

The basic feature of Xender windows software will let you connect two computers through a wireless network and this will help you to transfer files from one computer to another. You can even transfer files from computer to Android or iOS smartphones for this you need to have Xender app downloaded on both the devices from where you want to send the file and receive the file.

This is so hassle-free transfer isn’t it without any USB cable, external hard drive now you need to just connect your mobile with Xender on PC and here you go share your files with bullet speed. So if you need to compare the speed from Bluetooth and LAN connection than I must tell you Xender speed is much faster than these two available options.


To download Xender on your PC there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled. There not many requirements that should make you worry, it is free to use software that doesn’t require a high-end configuration to make this software run on your Computer. All computer that comes with basic hardware and software configuration can run Xender very smoothly. It supports Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, and Windows10.

To download this app please click on the provide link and follow the steps.

How to Download

1. The very first step is you need to download Xender software and you can find the link below for the same. Just click on the link and it will automatically start downloading on your windows.
2. Once the download is complete, you can find the downloaded file at the bottom toggle bar or in downloads. Just double click on the file to start the installation.
3. Once the installation is complete, the pop will appear where you need to click on Run.
4. Once you click on Run, it will ask you to verify and agree to their agreements and click on next to take the installation process further.
5. After everything is done you will see a message “Installed Successfully” then you are good to go to use you Xender on your computer.

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Click here to Download Xender

How to Use Xender

Xender for PC is used to share files for not small files but it will help to share huge files as well with superb speed. Xender PC is very easy to use and to make everyone can use it easily it comes with the very easy user interface.

To use this app follow the following steps

1. To use Xender, you need to first click on the logo to launch this app over your computer.
2. Once it is successfully launched, it will do everything by their selves for you. It will run automatically and start searching for the connections to which you can connect this device.
3. To connect your computer which has Xender and you need to transfer the file to your mobile phone then open Xender app on your smartphone.
4. Once you find your required connection select the file you need to send and it will again start searching all the connections which are available in the range.
5. Now you have paired both the device and you can see the perfect connection on both the devices.
6. Here you go, now you’re all set to exchange files between the paired devices.

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