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In Today’s world where the galaxy, iPhone and Pixel slay it out for smartphones supremacy, which might do not leave a lot of oxygen for other high-end smartphones to survive. And now LG has found itself scrambling for this fame in the field. It tries to find an audience for its flagship phone LG G8.

The downfall of LG mobile business was greatly exaggerated. In fact, it was doubling down on its 2019 smartphone prospects with a device that might be having two screens.

The LG G8 is said to be announced at the start of MWC 2019 the very next month, and it will have a unique dual screen display and does not break the pockets like its competition.

Officially named, the LG G8 ThinQ, it will be different from its upcoming competitor, the Samsung Galaxy X. LG has decided to utilize two screens that connect together instead of a single screen display.

Take G series, which has already introduced a number of innovations over the past years listing as a modular design in the year 2016, a wider aspect ratio last year, an AI-powered camera in 2017 — only to see other phones adopt the features and steal some of LG’s magic.

LG seems to be ready to try again with the LG G8, which can arrive as soon as next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Rumors about LG G8 are all over the news. Here is what we have heard about it so far about what LG could be planning for its big smartphone release.

LG G8 release date

LG sat in Mobile World Congress last year after using the mobile industry trade event to launch both the LG G6 and LG G5 flagships in the previous two years. The LG G7 eventually came later in the spring, a part of LG’s strategy to makes its phone updates more about introducing new features and less about to set annual releases.

If LG is going to stick to that strategy, the company may have something to introduce, as Korean news outlet says LG is going to host an event on 24th February 2019, in Barcelona. That is the day before Mobile World Congress begins, which would be consistent with past LG events.

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The report was first spotted by The Android Soul claiming that the event will specifically introduce the LG G8.

Design and Display features of LG G8

The exact dimensions are not in knowledge, but LG G8 is said to have a small screen that might be closer to 4 inches, according to the Korean report that it will be 3 inches, but more reports told that 3 inches might be the width of the display and not the length. It may expand to have a 7-inch screen, similar to the size of a small tablet.

There is no firm news on what design LG will opt for with its next smartphone.

The New LG G8 rumors suggest that LG is making a handset with a second screen attachment.

This is supposedly LG is to take on the amazing foldable phone idea that will take off this year. It should prove to be cheaper than something like the Samsung Galaxy X that uses a single display.

The classification seems to fall on whether the G8 will be a foldable phone or not.

The report suggests, that G8 makes the case for a foldable smartphone. The report claims that the phone will use a hinge-based approach where the device will fold out into one with a larger screen. That explanation is certainly in line with LG about a foldable design that surfaced in 2017.

The LG G8 release date might be announced at MWC 2019 in late February, but we have already heard about the smart phone’s new features and price ahead of the time.

LG G8 Specs: What will it offer?

The new and latest, Qualcomm announced, new Snapdragon 855 mobile processor, is the processor that can be used in the new flagship. LG G8 as leading Android flagship device would seem to be excited to run on that chipset. The date of the phone’s release could complicate that, maybe.

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Traditionally, Samsung provides a window of exclusivity for Qualcomm best mobile processor in the U.S., and it is expected to unveil the Galaxy S10 by 20 February 2019, just four days before LG’s reported MWC event might take place. LG would either have to delay the release of the G8 or opt for another processor if both are same. With LG G6 in the year 2017, the company got on the latter route in which it opted for a QUALCOMM’s Snapdragon 821 instead of the newer one Snapdragon 835.

Availability of 5G in LG G8?

Here is one area where the reports are pretty much united — the LG G8 is not expected to give much support for faster 5G wireless networks. That is not really a surprise or a shock. If LG releases the phone not long even after its Mobile World Congress summit, wireless carriers might still be building out on 5G networks. Even if 5G comes online this same year, it would not be widely available in the market place.

That is not to say LG is not working on a 5G device. It has already committed to releasing a 5G phone in the U.S.A., but it is expected that 5G phone might be announced later around the first half of 2019, even if LG could always surprise at Mobile World Congress by spreading more light on its 5G plans this year.

LG G8 price

None is exactly sure what G8 would cost or when it will be available in the market. For instance, the G7 was available with a starting price of $750, though users can possibly find it for considerably less amount these days.

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