OnePlus TV Price

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OnePlus has revealed about their plans for launching OnePlus TV, yes you heard it right a TV. After having a successful performance from smartphones, OnePlus are trying to try their luck on TV. According to the reports, OnePlus will be launching its new TV in the month of September in India.

OnePlus is one of the popular smartphone brands all over the world and is been loved by every customer. OnePlus was founded 5 years ago and within this short period, OnePlus has become one of the popular brands all over the world and is maintaining its position with its mind-blowing performance and new exciting features. After the best smartphone release now it’s time for TV.

After the announcement of OnePlus TV, fans are going mad and curiously waiting for its release. To all curious fans, the wait is over and you will soon be going see the launch over a huge launch event on 26 September 2019. The best news is, OnePlus TV will be first launched in India and will be seen first before the rest of the world sees it. After the launch of OnePlus TV in September it will be available for purchase from 15th October 2019, nearly a few weeks before Diwali.

OnePlus TV Price


The feature is one of the major aspects you would like to know, what OnePlus TV is going to offer you. Last year OnePlus announced that they are going to present OnePlus Smart Tv and from last one year they have fully devoted it towards its manufacturing. It is going to provide you a smart and homely connected experience.

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The market is now a day’s full of a smart TV like by Samsung, Sony, LG, Xiaomi and now it’s OnePlus. OnePlus will need huge features to prove it’s going to be the best Smart TV in the World.

The smart TV now trends these days as the time is now for web series rather than TV serials. Everyone is now going crazy for Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar for their original web series. For the convenience and better performance, OnePlus TV is coming with integrated Netflix and Amazon prime. You will be just getting the application but to watch these you need to buy a subscription on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
You can enjoy almost every web series over different applications which you can download from its store. You will be getting access to YouTube and even internet browser isn’t that interesting. You will be getting almost everything which is going to make this smart TV one of the best smart TV that you could ever get.


While buying a TV everyone would look for its specifications and features. Features we have already talked about and now its turn for the specification.

Everyone looks towards the image and sound quality, this is the major thing which everyone looks for. OnePlus TV will have a QLED panel after LED panels now it’s time for QLED panels for big smart TV it’s in trend these days. QLED panels offer super bright and colored display over LED panels. Samsung has used this panel for their premium series TV and OnePlus is starting with QLED panels which are like awesome.

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OnePlus TV Price

The OnePlus TV will have 43-inches along with 55-inches OnePlus TV with 4K resolution to provide one of the best displays with high-definition and super clarity.

There are chances that OnePlus will launch huge TV 65 inches and 75 inches OnePlus TV, but these are rumors as it is not announced officially.

OnePlus TV will be running on Android TV OS which is going to make this TV a smart TV, which allows it you use this TV as a smartphone once it is connected to WiFi.

OnePlus TV Price

OnePlus is looking forward to making its first Smart TV a killer flagship TV. So there are chances that OnePlus TV price will start from Rs 45,000 to Rs 65,000 ($600 / £500 to $1,000 / £800) these are not confirmed as OnePlus has not announced the Smart TV officially.

*** OnePlus TV price (official price) is yet to be confirmed, above provided price is based on the leaks and updates.

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