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PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5, also known as PS 5 is one of the most awaited but still, the release date is yet to be confirmed by the makers. Some really cool sources have suggested it will be up in the market by 2020 as claimed by Michael Pachter an industry analyst. PS 5 developed by Sony is something by which all are familiar and obviously it’s not only the release we are considering but also the games that could potentially be targeting a PS 5 range. This next-generation PlayStation will be coming up with alarming features. Regardless online game streaming and online downloads are becoming popular day by day, Wedbush Securities analyst said that PS 5 will be launching with a disc drive.

If we put a bet on PS 5 release date we would go with 2020. Sony has not cleared its thoughts right now about the new PlayStation. Thanks to some comments reportedly made by SIE CEO John Kodera it seems though from release the PS 5 is another year away from the release. But 3 years from now put us in 2020 with PS4 nearing the eighth birthday. As PS 4 is coming near to its end and every PlayStation lover has started thinking about next console.

PlayStation 5

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Possible games in PS5

It is a matter of fairly far in future if we thing which are the games that currently can be included in ps 5. The first two that are at the top of the head is Death stranding and The last of us Part 2.

Since both the games are under production there is a chance that they could be launched on the next flagship Sony console. But since there is no official announcement the most probable list of games are possible in this edition of PS 5 E3 are as follows .

Action/Adventure Games we can expect on PS 5

Telltale’s Games
It is a new series of the game from Marvels which is becoming a trend in this new generation with games like

  • The Walking Dead
  • Game of Thrones
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Batman

There is no doubt we in the continuation of these series, we will definitely see the series of these games in next-generation PlayStation 5. In the next console engine, we will definitely find some improvements in these game series.

Naughty Dog’s
Naughty Dog’s games become popular just like a magic and in PS 5 we can fascinate that Last of Us 2 will be coming with a new adventure.

PlayStation 5

 Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Prey)

Dishonored was one of the successful game from Arkane Studios, not only the original but the sequel was very popular so we can expect that it will be coming in PS 5.

PlayStation 5

God of War
 This is an action adventure game based on Mythology, as the things are going well with E3 and Sony it will continue in PS 5 as well.

PlayStation 5

Ubisoft (Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed)
Ubisoft is known for making games which involve open world and treasures.  Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs are going extremely well so we would be these two games on PS 5.

PlayStation 5

 Lego Games
Lego games are doing pretty much well and Lego world is popular among all Lego games. We can definitely find some Lego games in PS 5.

PlayStation 5

Indie Games
Indie games have always come with a unique and fun game in the action-adventure section for that you don’t need a huge budget. Indie games are doing very well so we can expect to continue in PS 5 as well.

PlayStation 5


Board Game we can expect on PS 5

It is one of the most popular board games and we can find it on every console. Surely Sony will bring some new features in but we can expect that monopoly will be on the list.

PlayStation 5

Party Games we can expect on The PS5

Just Dance
Just Dance is Ubisoft’s dance series which is very popular in the console and becoming more popular day by day. With another name or just another series of Just dance something, we will definitely see in PS 5.

PlayStation 5

Music Games (Rock Band, Guitar Hero)
Music games are popular in party games like Rockband and Guitar hero were in limelight in PS 4, so we can think their Sequel can be there.

Fighting Games we can expect on The PS5

Street Fighter
This is one of the classic fighter game available in PS 4, which is getting high popularity. It has become more popular as the days are passed. Street Fighter was available exclusively in PS 4 and we can imagine the next series to be a part of PS 5.

PlayStation 5

Guilty Gear and BlazBlue
These are games from Niche fighting games which will surely come back in PS 5 as these games were away from console now it is all set to come back on PS 5.

PlayStation 5

Other fighting games are Tekken, Marvel, Capcom Infinite and many more.

First Person Shooter Games we can expect on The PS5

Call of Duty
Call of duty is one of the oldest and popular games, it is the oldest game but it is still going well. Call of duty is games are heavily played games in different types of devices. So we can use its new series for sure.

PlayStation 5

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront is an amazing and popular game amongst other games and we can hope to see this game in PS 5. As there are new star movies piled so its guaranteed there will be some kind of Star Wars games will be available.

PlayStation 5

Battlefield, Prey 2, Bioshock, DOOM, Titanfall, Overwatch, Far Cry, Destiny, are other First person shooter game which is marvelous and highly popular and we see these games on new generation PlayStation.

The horror we can expect on The PS5

Resident Evil
The last series was very popular, it just came back with all new story, new feature, new graphics and even it had a VR support. So we can define see Resident Evil series in PS 5.

PlayStation 5

It has just nailed the horror zone games. Outlast has just raised the bar very high for other games. In this game you will only get two options first is just to run and second is hidden. The next entry in PS 5 will make us imagine what new will be there and many of us want to see VR entry with Outlast.

PlayStation 5

Dying Light
Dead Island has developed this game, based on parkour zombie which has all things which you love to have in this game with all day and night series. We would love to see its another series with some new feature like horsepower to create the more open world.

PlayStation 5

Amnesia, SOMA, Silent Hill, Until Dawn, The Evil Within, one Survivor, Sylvio, and Claire are other games which we can expect to be there in the Horror genre.

Role-Playing Games we can expect on The PS5

Bethesda is working on Fallout and recently they have released Fallout 76 with solid changes and cool DLC so we can surely expect to see Fallout another series with fascinating changes.

PlayStation 5

Final Fantasy
Fantasy XV was released in PS 4 which gone very well. The new fantasy game was mixed with modern technique and unique approach. This paid off very well so we can expect other series in PS 5.

PlayStation 5

JRPGs Return, Diablo IV, Elder Scrolls are other Role playing game and Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto VI and Twin-Stick Shooters are other popular games in Shooter genre games we can expect these games to be there in PlayStation 5.

Sports Games we can expect on The PS5

These games always hit high every year. These games are constantly popular in consoles and go very well every year. So we will definitely see PES and FIFA in PS 5.

PlayStation 5

These series are very popular without having unique features like the story, much graphics and career modes these basketball games have done really well in PS 4 and we will hope the series will continue with PS 5 as well.

PlayStation 5

Madden and MLB the Show are other games which are there in the expected list.

4 K gaming
There is a chance that PS 5 can be a hint of 4 K gaming but the stark fact remains still doesn’t have the grunt to native 4 K consistency. Chris Kingsley CEO and CO-founder of the developer, Rebellion dangles who is a more ambitious technological carrot in front of a putative PS 5. Obviously, new hardware should be able to support 4k TV and possibly 8k also.

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PS5  Specification
Unfortunately, since PS4 didn’t proves their power in launch so the recovery is the PS 5 launch. It is heard that Sony working with AMD’s Ruzen CPU tech for the PlayStation 5, a company it has already worked with for components of PS4.

PS 5 Backup compatibility
Sony went all in one streaming subscription service PlayStation now. We would be surprised if Sony hasn’t been watching this and making plans for something similar with PS 5.

PS5 changing PSNID
Changing the PSNID is one of the most requested features on PS4 but it still hasn’t been included.

Release date
A recent report from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier backs up this thinking. He spoke to a number of developers about lightly released dates with most of the conversation pointing to a 2020 release. A recent journals report points to a release around 3 years away with Sony’s John Podera starting. “we will use the next three years away”.

However, Sony’s new CEO Kenichiro Yoshida released a three years business plan for the company’s profit would dip that may come as PS 4 reaches market saturation before PS5. If we are honest we sent really see any urgent need to start new generation now and given Microsoft growing commitment to backward compatibility.

The price estimated for PS 3 for $ 499 for cheapest model and sales suffered Sony launched PS 4 and PS 4 pro launched at $399 so expect PS 5 to be similar.


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