PUBG Miramar Map Update

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PUBG Miramar Map Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the popular multiplayer Battle Royale
online game which was developed by PUB Corporation subdivision of Blueholepublisher.

PUBG is most popular and downloaded game in the world. The game is very simple, here you come with 99 other players from a plane and get off on an Island.

Players need to rob forsaken houses to buy weapons, which helps them to attack other
player and protect themselves. Each player will attack each other with weapons they
have to save them. the last player standing will win the game, 99 players will be losers
and only 1 will be the winner.

It is a Royale battle game which last maximum for 30 minutes in this you not only need to attack other players but save yourself too. As the time passes map will gradually diminish making it harder for survival. One mistake may end your game, you just don’thave to save yourself from the bullets of other players, rather you need to be careful while playing falling from a tall building or repeatedly hitting the car in a tree you can die from all these.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is perfect for those who are new to gaming.

It has high-quality graphics with HD Audio, it gives you the best astonishing visual experience while playing. The real gameplay effect with realist HD sound and impressive graphics may make you feel like you’re really playing this action with realistic weapons. It includes various vehicles like trucks, cars, motorcycles, and boats which helps to chase yourenemies to escape to save yourself.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has released its new map “Miramar” which is the second map for Battlegrounds and will be releasing it is another new map”Sanhok” at the end of June.

The update comes with many changes like specific Miramar game weapons, vehicles
which helps you to win the battle. Miramar map comes with the same size as of Erangel
8×8 KM city centre map which is based on central America with large plains, dessert,
and Island.

Miramar will also provide you to experience its all-new rural and urbanareas. Here you will find a river running from the villages and slum area, from start tofinish you will find destroyed bridges and water entering the village. You can also experience its all-new weapons like Winchester and many more. The update alsocomes with some visible changes in the look like all new instructor, new golden tracksuitand many more.

Miramar is not only updated on its graphics, looks but also improved in plenty of other
regions. It has come with improved stability and making best out of it. PlayerUnknown’s
Battlegrounds tried to resolve its major issues like game crashing, bugs, animation issues and connectivity problem and currently focused on making Sanhok map perfectfor players.


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