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PUBG Mobile is the king of all online multiplayer in current time. Out of all the online multiplayer games, the highest fever causing is PUBG Mobile. The game has been the most widely played online multiplayer game. It has broken all records involving the highest number of players and the longest average time of gameplay per day. So, this ultimate thrill ride is taking us madly involved in it breaking all records.

The secret behind this success of this game is that it keeps bringing us cool updates very frequently which keeps us evolved with the game magically. Very often there are new weapons introduced, game weather, special event modes, bug fixes, new rewards, new weapon skins, and outfits. has got the news of the upcoming update of PUBG mobile from sources and its Beta version. The latest Beta update of the game is out now. the beta version of PUBG mobile gives us hint about what new features we are going to see and experience in the 0.13.4 update of PUBG mobile.

In the beta version of the game, we get to test and experience the plan of the new update in the game. In this game upcoming update of PUBG mobile, we are going to see exciting new features and gameplay improvements. We are getting to know that two new weapons are going to be added in the game. quick chats are also updated, A new friendly spectate is also added in the game which is going to be an excellent feature update. In the appearance section, we are getting to see a new crosshair color option, a companion eagle mode and many more.

Following are the upcoming features in the PUBG mobile 0.13.5 update:

New Weapons:

 PUBG Mobile

According to sources and the beta update, we are going to get 2 new weapons in the game. First one is the new RPG-7. This weapon is a rocket launcher! This sounds extremely awesome as a rocket launcher is going to set the fire in the gameplay and the intense moments of the game. It will launch a rocket explosive straightly to the enemy blowing up an enemy vehicle and causing extreme damage.

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The second weapon is also an interesting one. It is the explosive crossbow. The bolt will explode as soon as it hit the objects like vehicles and few walls. The explosive crossbow is going to be an interesting and killer weapon as it will destroy the vehicle so that the enemy will not be able to escape. Also, it will destroy the wall and blow away the cover of the enemies. Though we are not sure about the availability of these two weapons in classic mode. Sources tell that they are going to be available in only zombie mode which is the special event mode of the game.

The Friendly Spectate feature:

This is the coolest update till now made available in the game. The friendly spectate feature will allow us to spectate our friends’ game while they are playing. That means we will be able to spectate our in-game friends and Facebook/twitter friends from the lobby.

The players in the game will also get notified about how many players are spectating them. We will also be able to view their game stats while spectating them. This feature is going to be a great one as most of us want to spectate our friends when we want to play with them or watch their gameplay.

The New Zombie Adventure Mode:

 PUBG Mobile

The zombie mode is the newly added special event mode in the PUBG mobile game in collaboration with resident Evil corporation. In the event mode, we are supposed to survive till dawn fighting intensely with zombies. Now in the upcoming update of the game, we are going to see a new concept in the game.

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There will be a ‘Left alone to Die’ concept introduced in the game. We will be required to collect supplies throughout the day time and the zombie army will attack us in the night time. We will be needing to fight and survive with them until the rescue team comes to save us! sounds really interesting, no!

Crosshair color:

We will get to add a crosshair color to our player. There will be the availability of nine colors to choose between for us to customize the no scope crosshair, while the red dot, holograph, 3X, and 2X scope will be set to red or green color.

Quick Chat Update:

 PUBG Mobile

Apart from these updates, we will also get some improvements and a male voice in the quick chat feature. We will be able to access eight new male voice quick chat audios.


 PUBG Mobile

The companion feature is going to be a special update. There will an Eagle with our game character in the lobby or in the game. The eagle will have its own emotes. The eagle will sit on the player’s shoulder.

Some more Features of 0.13.5 are as under:

Darkest Night Mode – Now Players can go solo or can build a team to survive the darkest night full of toxic gases and undead invasion until excavation done at sunrise. Players extreme skills can be checked in this gameplay.
Added Liquid Nitrogen Grenades which can freeze enemies.
Now zombies can climb over walls and roofs.
When Zombies hit by firearm will move slower.
Added Zombie dogs and jumping Zombies.
Classic voice packs added.

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So this was about the upcoming features in the new 0.13.5 update of PUBG mobile. For more information about it, keep in touch with!


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