PUBG MOBILE India Series 2019

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Without a doubt, in today’s time PLAYERS, UNKONWN’S BATTLEGROUND (PUBG) is on the throne of the most electrifying thrill-ride action, simulation battleground game. It has been extremely progressive in the previous year and running in the nerves of all the gamers on this planet.

The producers of this game organize tournaments for giving the gamers a platform and a chance to prove their gaming skills on a big level! We are already aware of the stunning PUBG Global Star Challenge recently held in Dubai which went absolutely eye-catching and thrilling. The craze of PUBG in India is soon its zenith that this game is making almost every Indian gamers it is an addict. So guess what can be the most exciting thing about Indian gamers this time? The PUBG India Series 2019 is here!

Tencent gaming and PUBG co-corporation have announced PUBG India Series in the month of January, February, and March. As in the previous year, we had PUBG Mobile Campus tournament in October which claimed a huge no of registrations ( about 2,50,000,) The registration for this series is now open and any one of players can participate in this series. Players across India are required to participate in this tournament as soon as possible in January.

PUBG MOBILE India Series 2019

The series will be only for squad matches. The tournament will have a qualifier session in January where teams will be qualified based on their skills and scores in the first 15 matches played with the registered squad. The qualified squad will move ahead towards qualifier rounds.

There will be three qualifier rounds in this February and the squads who will struggle and make it possible will continue to the Grand finale in March! The winning squad of India will be rewarded with an amount of INR 30, 00,000 and the first and second runner up squad will get INR 10, 00,000 and INR 5, 00,000 respectively! So players bush up to your skills and get ready for the ultimate battlefield platform to prove your skills, strategy, and gameplay!

Following are the conditions required for participating in PUBG India Series 2019:

• Players only from India can participate in this series.
• Only Players with a PUBG account of level more than 20 can participate in this series.
• Players can play only in the squad for this tournament. No solo and duo matches will be held
• Players found misbehaving with gameplay or having game limitations will be expelled from the series and reported

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How to participate:

Following are the steps to participate in the event:
• The player interested needs to visit and click on register now in the India series section or may directly follow this link:
• The candidate will need to verify their email address for the verification process.
• After verification the player will need to either join or create a squad:
For joining a squad the player will need to have the squad ID
For creating a squad the player will need to invite other 3 people to complete the survey of 4.

In-game qualifier rules:

• Once the registration and squad making is done, the squad will need to first go through a qualifier round.
• The qualifier round will be held for seven days from 21st January to 27th January
• The squad will need to play 15 matches in classic mode in Erangle map only.
• The selection of the in-game qualifier round will be based upon the best matches of the 15.
• The no of kills, type of shot and finishing position will be taken into consideration for a squad
• In case if there’s a tie, other parameters like Survival time, accuracy and others will be taken into consideration

Playoffs Rules:

In the playoff matches, the winning squads will keep qualifying further and the squad with incomplete performance will be eliminated and thus the final squads will be selected for the grand finale.

There will be 3 playoff rounds from 10th Feb to 24th Feb. In each of them, the top 4 squads will qualify for the next round.

First playoffs round: It will be held from 10th Feb to 15th Feb. The top 2000 squads will be divided into 100 groups and at the end of the match, the top 4 squads will qualify further for the next round.

Second playoffs round: It will be held from 16th Feb to 19th February. The top 400 squads will be divided into 20 groups and will battle and the top 4 squads at the end of the match will step ahead to round 3.

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Third playoffs round: It will be held from 20th Feb to 25th February. The top 80 squads will be divided into 4 groups. A Best of 3 points knockout based match system will be organized in this round and at the end of this round, the top 20 squads will be selected for the grand finale

Grand finale rules:

The grand finale of PUBG Mobile India series will be held on 10th March 2019 where the top 20 squads will battle against each other to win the throne of the best PUBG squad of India and a cash prize of INR 30,00,000!

Prize distribution:

PUBG MOBILE India Series 2019

PUBG MOBILE India Series 2019

• The total prize pool in the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 tournament is INR 1 crore.
• The winning team will be awarded INR 30 Lakh which is a really great amount.
• INR 10 lakh is reserved for the first runner-up which is pretty well
• And last but not the least INR 5 lakh for the third-ranking team
• All teams that make it to the top 10 ranks will also receive cash prizes
• There are arrangements of many individual awards will be given to those players and teams who will make it to the grand finale, which are listed below and winners in each category will win INR 50,000.
• Players will be awarded MVP award which will have maximum numbers of MVP
• The team or the player which will have maximum skills will be awarded The Exterminators.
• The team which will have the highest number of revives will be awarded as The Healers.
• The players or the team who have restores the highest amount of health will be awarded as The Redeemer.
• The player which has maximum survival time will be awarded The Lone Ranger.
• The player with a maximum number of kills will be awarded as The Rampage Freak.

So get ready for the ultimate eSport tournament of India which runs in the nerves of each Indian gamer. Any further information regarding this tournament will keep updating as soon as possible to stay in touch with!

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