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Players Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is one of the most played games of all times. The Game is Developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean company Bluehole. As on the now the game is available for PC, Xbox, Android and iOS Platform.

As on now, we are running in the second season of PUBG mobile which is going to end on August 19 midnight, soon after we will enter Season 3. The season 2 of PUGB last for 8 weeks and today we receive confirmation from official PUGB Mobile Twitter account for Season 3, So it would be interesting to see what’s new in Season 3 and for that now we no need wait for long.


PUBG Mobile Season 3

If we talk about season 2 of PUGB mobile there are several attractions and rewards, Players in the game can earn rewards by completing different tasks which are assigned to them on the daily and weekly basis.

During the play, we can earn royal points and with 100 points we can unlock new levels which help to get various exciting rewards. In the free Royale Pass the last reward is Skin of UMP-9 which is on level 45 and after that, there was no reward up to level 70, but if u have Elite Royale Pass in every stage or level brings you various rewards up to level 70.

Now Let’s talk about what we can See new in the Season 3

There is good news for all the PUBG fans, the Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile Season 3 is already out, here’s what new in season 3.

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1: New Emoticons

We have seen some of the cool Emoticons in season 2 like Free Royale Pass and dancing. Now in season 3 we can see some cooler and funnier things in Free Royale Pass, Check new Dancing Emoticons.

In Season 2 there are two Emoticons which is only available for Elite Royal Pass and now in season 3 that will be available for free. Below we have provided details for both the Emoticons which now available in season 3 for free.

ANGRY” and “SURRENDER” Emoticons are now free.

Both the Emoticons are only available in Elite Royale Pass but will be available for Free in S3.

2: AKM Skin on Level 36 now available

PUBG Mobile Season 3

In Season 2 we have a free skin for UMP-9, now we can get a skin for AKM rifle in season 3. The skin is currently available in Premium crate which can be available by collecting 10 coupons to open a crate.

3: New Flight Direction Arrow

PUBG Mobile Season 3

In the PC version of PUBG, we have seen Path of the aircraft prior to launch, same as that now players can see the path in PUBG Mobile too.

4: New Goodies in Soldiers Crate

PUBG Mobile Season 3

New goodies have been added in soldiers’ crate in season 3. We all use Battle points to unlock new stock which is an easy way to get new and the latest things available.

5: Chicken Dinner treats available

PUBG Mobile Season 3

Now by getting some delicious Chicken dinner you can unlock some new Emoticons like have chicken dinner with friends and then dance, exciting right.

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So, we can say the company is trying to provide the best user experience in all the variants. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news on PUBG.


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