PUBG Season 4 Release Date

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Most awaiting season PUBG season 8 is all on its way and will be releasing. PUBG fans will know this very well PUBG season 8 is almost reached to an end now. It will be ending on 14th August 2019. PUBG Royale pass will be ending very soon and the fans are very eager to about the new season when it will be releasing and what will be the new features coming with the new season.

We can definitely understand the feeling to know about the new season. As we have seen with the send of PUBG season 8 just next day season 8 was released, so are chances PUBG season 7 get a release on 20th May. The season 7 is almost reached to an end player have very little time left to pass all 100 levels to get Royale Pass to reach the new level.

PUBG player who has unlocked achievements from Royale Pass will stay with them in the next season and if you have not even unlocked the achievements from Halloween event too this might be the last chance for them as season 7 will be ending soon. When a new season starts everything changes, everything will be reset from your leaderboard to your rank. You will need to play the game from the beginning and fight again for the rewards and best rank. When the season is ended the rewards are generally distributed to all players equally.

The rewards are not huge they are little as the rank is affected as the rewards are awarded as an individual. The one who gets a good rank even as an individual will be rewarded with crates and items of clothes, while lower ranks players are rewarded with low crates or few thousands of BP.

Your rank which was in the old season gets down, this is just to re-establish the new field. Players will be soon able to achieve their position back. At the end of the season, the game becomes competitive as everyone wants to get a good rank and win rewards.

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PUBG Season 4 Release Date

PUBG is World’s top Battle Royale game from a very long time. The game is so addictive due to its realistic graphics features and looting tactics. This makes players feeling like they are playing in the real World of PUBG.

Talking about the gameplay for the new season, usually, there are no major changes in the gameplay at the starting. Later you might see some changes as the new things, items arrive in the game. Normal changes you can find is in the crate rewards and new item shop. In the last Halloween update, there were changes only regards with cosmetic, so players can expect to see some new weapons or vehicles to arrive in the game.

The new updates which players can expect to get in the season 4, M762 gun this is the same gun which was available in the Beta version of 0.14.0 in training ground but was not available in the actual game. Now you will be able to see this in 0.14.0 PUBG version. Another is scooter which was added in the Beta version but not in the final version which players miss a lot. A new feature which will be added to Sanhok map is dynamic weather, means rain mode.

In the new season, you will be able to play get this rain mode which will be in a combination of rain and fog, this will be interesting to see. Another update which you might experience is a competitive mode in this you will not be able to hear or see the footsteps and know from where the sounds of guns are coming from. PUBG Season 8 coming with a Black Friday sale, where you will be able to purchase the item at a lower price than the actual price.

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PUBG Season 4 Release Date

Now let’s talk about the Royale Pass Season 8 rewards if players purchase Royale pass they will get +600UC or BP with some new clothes and skins. Initially with free pass players will be getting if the player has 7 to 9 RP then you will get 1000 BP or if you have 10 RP then you will be rewarded with a new parachute skin. And in the elite pass, you will be getting some UC, BP, XP’s, faces and a new dancing mode which will be all new to this PUBG. Elite and Elite Plus you can buy these upgrades, Elite is available for 600 UC and 1800 UC for Elite Plus.

In the Elite upgrade, the player will be getting 2500 UC worth of rewards with unlocking up to 100 rewards with ranking up and unlock the Elite mission. With Elite Plus Upgrade player will be immediately getting 9000UC worth rewards which can unlock up to 100 rewards through ranking up, Unlock Elite missions, Gain 25 Rank equivalent to 2500 UC, Iced princes, set and roaring grizzly parachute.

Like all the season your dashboard will have daily missions and weekly challenges, to get the rewards you need to complete this on a daily basis.

The next question which comes in player mind is about the map with the new seasons, rumors are there about the new winter map Dihor Otok, which will bring snow to the map with some new strategies.

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