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Players unknown battleground or PUBG is currently the most favorite game amongst youth. This game is a royale battlefield game in which a player has to either play single, duo or squad. Thi game consists of 100 people landing together and killing each other so that only one single player, or a duo or a squad can win. Players from all around the world are crazy about this game.

New season, New adventure:

One more season is arriving and the other is leaving. The new season comes with so much of new theme, additional weapons, more enemies and other thrilling stuff. The upcoming expected season is to arrive by the third week of July and it is coming with something much unexpected.

Rumors and expected features of PUBG New season:

Many you tubers have collected news and they claim them to be real.
1. The “power of the ocean” theme: the season is said to be equipped with the theme of the ocean which is a drastic change. As of now, the match used to be on land and its complete new update for the players.

2. The “water blaster gun skin” for Scar-l: the upcoming season is said to be coming with an additional product in the gun lab which new skin for the scar-l gun which is based on the concept of water or oceanic theme.

3. The bison gun: the game is said to have been coming with a new gun that is the PP-19 gun. This gun is said to have the 9mm muzzles or ammo and interestingly the gun is already available in the pc version of the game. This is going to be moderate damage gun.

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4. New outfits and skins: The new seasons always come up with filling the shop and getting more outfits both funky and classic. The new season also brings up new skins. These will be mostly dedicated to the ocean theme and they are going to be reflecting the theme mostly.
Here are some new skins for the following guns as mentioned :
DP 28: shark’s bite
SLR: swamp horror
SCAR-L: scarlet horror
UAZ: deep sea
There are chances of more but as of now, these many are known. There are many interesting outfits like delta squad set, shore set, shells set and many more.

5. Royale pass: as the new season arrives the royale pass rank turns to 0 and the player has to start again. You can get a jump by investing in the royale pass. The RP is going to available in 600 UC and the elite plus will be available in around 1800 UC.

Players are now awaited for the new season and hope it gets arrived by 18 of July.
This is going to be a fun ride for all the PUBG lovers.

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