PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is also known as PUBG is a popular Royale battle game which is a favored game among the gamers. PUBG which was first available for PS4, XboxOne is now available for Android and iOS smartphones as well.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricksIn Android, this game is at the top list of the highest grossing action game with 50 million downloads.

For those who are new to this game, they should know that this game is a survival game, with 99 other players free to play in a group separately it just depends on the player. Whether you’re a player who loves to grab the best weapon in the loot or just fire the gun randomly. Everyone has their own strategy to play this game. But there are some basic gameplay tips and tricks which every player uses when they enter the game’s battlefield.

Here you will find some necessary tips and tricks which will help you to become a master in PUBG mobile and to be the last survivor of the game. This will also help you to fill your bags with sweets, chicken dinners and many more.

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The very first step is landing, so you need to choose where to land very carefully. PUBG is a game which can last from 1 hour to half an hour. If your first step is wrong the game can take a turn and go terrible, your game will be finished in few seconds. As a general thumb rule, you need to aim for the best place for landing so you need to look for the best loot area and at the same time, you need to avoid other players at that area.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

There are some particular spots where best weapons and swards are released on daily basis. But you need to be very careful as the old players will also be moving there. While playing this game you should keep these tips and tricks in mind, once you have jumped out of the plane in the land you have selected as per your preference and tips and tricks have given here.

You have to keep an eye on the area on the other players as well apart from loots item. You have to check where the other players are heading and avoid that area.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

The tip and tricks for a free fall are to find a safe like somewhere near the building where you can loot lots of things and even can hide you. The building will be shown as a white block on the map. This will guide you towards the building while making sure you’re on the right track.

If you’re enabling to find the loot you can just open your parachute and find a safe landing with decent loot. One thing you should keep in mind, while you’re flying in the sky other opponents is looting free falls. So just don’t spend your full time in just flying and in searching for a good area.

Loot First and shoot later: We know this is a Royale battle game in this if you’re shooting then you’re dead there is no second chance. And if you’re playing in a team then you’re putting your team’s victory at risk you will be letting down your team. So the second tip and trick is to Loot first and Shoot later. Once you enter the floor the first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself for battle.

So once you start the battle fight you should not get caught in the fighting. For this, you need to first find the important loots which are scattered all around in the field. These important weapons will boost your power in the games, but remember that you’re not the only one who is looking for these sought of weapons like powerful AWM sniper rifle and want to grab these loots.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

The most important loot is at the early stages where half appropriate weapons like ammo, armor, and backpack up to level 3 are available, so from the start you can roll up your sleeves and start exploring all around to collect loot as much as you can. Any gun is better than your kick or a frying pan which is a very popular weapon in PUBG.

So once you enter the field starts seeking and grab the weapons before they are engaged by other players. Armor is a crucial weapon which can take many hits in the firelight. Head and body armor is graded from level 1 to 3, but in level 3 armor is very rare so you should try to aim in looting armor in level 2 or level 1.

Not only weapons are important to win this battle, so here is another tip and trick is to collect health items as well. First Aid kit is a must, you should grab it as soon as possible other health items are like bandage, painkillers, injections like more will help you a bit to be the last survivor. Once the players start to fall off in terms of number, grenades are thrown to distract players so don’t be afraid to attack other players group with an explosive.

Shoot when you are in range: Another ultimate tip and trick are to only shoot when you are in range as you have been playing this game for a while now, you might have experience rookie error, in this, if you have been caught you will be killed. The error will stop you from moving and making paralyze where to hide.

To decide when to attack and when to hide is a little bit ticklish, but just put this in your mind very clearly you should not attack any player if they are not in your range. If the player is not in your range there will be chances your weapon might not hit the opponent player.  To know you’re in range or not it will take some time and practice to understand this, but old players are experienced and they are pretty clear with the basics.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

There are many sorts of weapons which are very much useful according to ranges like shotguns like S12 and SMGs are useful for close burst damage, rifles and pistols are used for midranges and Sniper rifles are good for long distance shooting. Why we have suggested here to only shoot when you are in range because, when you’re shooting a player at a long distance you’re not sure it will hit the player or not.

But there can be a possibility that the player you were trying to shoot has a powerful weapon like Tommy gun which is fairly very strong can hit you. By shooting from a long distance is you’re just disclosing your position in front of your enemies.

For your information, there are some attachments available which when combined with short guns can actually work more precisely even compared to sniper rifles. Like assault rifles with scopes can eventually perform better than other long-range weapons.

Always Keep an eye on the map: Like any other thing, we need to understand and learn this game also needs practice. It will take some time and a few games to learn the layout of PUBG map. The tip here is to always keep an eye on the map, it means while playing you should always look on the map as well apart from looting, hiding, and shooting. You should always pay attention to the map and pay attention to the diminishing play area. In PUBG, as the gameplay time decreases to make it more difficult to survive in the battlefield the safe area circle shrinks.

If the player is outside the circle for a long time, then the player will finally die. In the staring, if you’re outside the circle it can resist for a minute or so but as you move forward with the game at the very final stage it won’t last for more than 10 seconds. So it will be good to be aware as early as possible.

When you will look at your minimap, it will show you some white outlines these lines are the indication to avoid that area, and with the help of a map, it will guide you where to go next. In the initial start of the game you need not be in a hurry you can steadily play this game, but as the game reaches to its end you have to play fast to avoid this area.

The last final tip and trip with this map are if you hear a sound of a gunfire in your territory than you can quickly look at the map and find from where it is coming from.

Wheels are better than legs: In real life, if we want to reach our destination on time or to move fast we use vehicles, right? So here is another tip and tricks, you need vehicles to move fast as wheels are better than legs. You will find most of the vehicles frequently near the large cities all around the Erangel. Woefully, there are many vehicles all around the map, but there are other 99 players who are also gazing at these vehicles. So make sure to move safely before creeping up on the vehicle.

There are many types of vehicle available but motorcycle and buggy are the best vehicles to move expeditiously to the next play area. But using a vehicle will cause a mischief, but you will be exposed to other players. Four wheelers like jeep are the relatively slow vehicle but will provide you with decent protection even if you’re around four players.

Hide and peek: In PlayerUnknown’s battleground, the game always ends with diminutive groups of fighters. The last-second trip and trick are to hide and peek.

The players which are left, lying on the floor and hiding from other players. Every player at this movement is waiting who is going to come out and look first. The person whose head gets up is influenced by other players.

The PUBG has its own dedicated button it’s a double-edged sword which will expand your power will provide you more energy and boost you. This button will make you more hidden, or we can say almost nonexistent while moving from one area to another.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

As our tip and trick, always keep an eye on the map, if someone attacks you from the back at your check you’re going to definitely die. So always look on a map to check your surroundings before moving or hitting the battlefield. When you’re at the open area it always is a good idea to take the benefit of a rock or a building to hide to have a cover, this is one of the best and much safer way to survive and fight in the field.

While you’re hiding behind a rock or a building you can always look out at the area without the insight of another player. You can peek out without exposing your body, for this you need to make some changes in the settings of basic menu. You just simply need to enable “Peek & Fire”. Once you enable this you will be able to peek from the corners of a building or a rock.

Communicate with your team: The last tip and tick are to communicate with your team. You can communicate with your team and decide where to attack. As attacking a team is always been a good idea rather than attacking separately. This strategy is very good when you’re playing in a team, with this you need a constant communication to plan in which area they are looking forward to attacking. Attacking in a group is a good idea it is secure than attacking separately. PUBG mobile supports voice chat supports using device speaker or microphone. You can later enable this service in settings audio option.

These were some tips and tricks which will help you to speed up quickly and become a master of PUBG gaming.

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