PUBG Mobile Venezia Map

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Good news is coming for all the PUBG fans around the globe. As per the latest leaks received from our sources PUBG team has started working on the new map which will be termed at Venezia. PUBG which is also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the best and most popular multiplayer royale game which is developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean gaming giant Bluehole. Recently Tencent Games has released the latest version 0.10.5 for PUGB mobile which is released for both iOS and Android platforms. Same times we have heard the leaks for PUBG new map as some photos were leaked online and were viral in social media.

Maps in PUBG mobile

Currently, PUBG offers 3 Maps for all the gaming platforms like XBOX, PS4, Windows, Android and iOS devices which are as under.

• Erangle (Alpha Map, Russia)
• Miramar (Central America Map)
• Sanhok (South Asian forest)

Erangle: It is the first and primary map in PUBG which was launched on 23rd March 2017. The development for Erangle began in early 2016 when PUBG Corporation was in talks with Bluehole for development and making of Battle Royale Game. Soon after the association developer’s team has released its first beta version between June-September 2016, and later various Pre-Alpha and Non-Alpha versions of PUBG was released for testing before final launch in March 2017.

PUBG Mobile Venezia Map

Miramar: It is the second map in PUGB which was initially scheduled as 4×4 km map. Later Miramar is slated as 8×8 km open desert plain and rural areas map which is based in the region Central North America. The development of Miramar began in early July 2017, PUGB tested Miramar in 3 phase and then release its update (1.0 update) on 12th December 2017. Initially, Miramar launched for PC version followed by XBOX and Mobile Devices.

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PUBG Mobile Venezia Map

Sanhok: It is the third playable map which is first 4×4 km map compared to other 8x8km maps. Sanhok is the first map where PUBG implemented a complete dynamic cycle. Sanhok development begins sometime in 2017 and released on 22nd June 2018 for PC followed by XBOX and Mobile platforms.

PUBG Mobile Venezia Map

PUGB Mobile New Venezia Map details

We can understand the feeling to know about PUBG new Venezia map. As per the latest leaks, new Venezia map will be a 4x4km map. The Venezia map is inspired by Venice, Itlay. The developer’s team of Tencent and PUBG has already started working on its new map which will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2019. The main designer behind the development of Venezia map is James Core Man who is behind Sanhok map development too. PUBG officially confirmed about its new Venezia map development’s last week and is getting hype day by day. Hopefully, we can get this Map in PUGB version update (0.12 or 0.13).

PUBG Mobile Venezia Map

What’s New Venezia Map Offers

Seeing the history of PUBG, every time a new map was released, we have seen new features has been added. Though there are not too many details available now for what’s new we are getting in Venezia map but definitely, we can hope for new vehicles and new weapons. Similarly, when Sanhok was released we have seen Scooter and BERYL M762 was added. When we talk about the gameplay of the new map it will be the same and there will not be a major change in gameplay at the starting. While playing the games we can hope for new items included for loot.

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The release date of PUBG Venezia Map

Developments of new Venezia map has just begun and there are no official dates for its official release, but we can hope for its beta version to be available by early January 2019 followed by its official release in first quarter of 2019.

We will update this article with all the latest news and details for PUBG Venezia map so stay tuned. Same time our readers can download latest APK for PUBG mobile from download button provided below.

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