PUBG XBOX June Update and Fixes

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PUBG XBOX June Update and Fixes

Blue hole this time has come up with a new patch this week strive to fix PUBG. The update was made live on 26 June 2018. This time developer has come up with an early update than expected. PUBG developer has totally aimed towards its stability and its optimization to improve its overall experience. PUBG fans have complained about its stability typically it arises while loading or may hours of play. Many of PUBG players must have experienced crashes after long hours of continuous play. PUBG has also encountered many unknown issues while streaming which again cause crashing and makes its fans annoyed. There is a broad list of issues in PUBG some are fixed and some other issues which are still needed to be fixed.

PUBG XBOX June Update and Fixes

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The major fix released in this patch was memory leak issue, which has been resolved and this major fix has incredibly resolved crash issues for an instance. Another issue which has resolved is matchmaking logic. This fix helps players to reduce the time while stocked in queues.

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Major Changes have been made in order to reduce crashes related to Out Of Memory. They have also optimized UI and both the map with some reduction in total memory required by Miramar map.

PUBG XBOX June Update and Fixes

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Optimization in a new update

• For improvement in the performance, character movement is optimized to use fewer resources.
• This patch gives more efficient stationary vehicles as PUBG has come up with vehicle location update for improved performance.
• This update has been optimized in such manner that it will not affect the visual quality.
• Another major optimization has come with Bullets, terrain, grass and character shadow these are now taking fewer resources in order to improve the performance.
• PUBG another fix was in free fall physics. The physics used while exiting the plane has been improved. With this update now player free falling from the plane will not be affected by the bullets. But players can be shot out with bullets if using a parachute. As this is impossible to take out your gun and shoot your enemies while free falling.

PUBG XBOX June Update and Fixes

Bug Fixes in a new update

• Sometimes footsteps were not heard during play or after ADS that has been fixed now.
• One bug where a position of other teammates is not displayed correctly in Pubg map has been fixed now.

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