SD Card Recovery

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There always have been ways to expand the storage of the mobile phones now they can be simple multimedia phones or just today’s smartphones.

Many times user faces problems of the card disturbance or their card data gets swiped away. This has been a common problem among a lot of users. As SD cards have the more capable of storing data or files people are generally in habit of keeping everything g important in the SD card memory but by mistake or by the malfunctioning of the card the important files and data or photos gets deleted.

In this article, we are going to discuss some ways of restoring the data from the card without deleting important files and are also going to make the SD card reusable. Let us not lose the data and get the work done.

Since SD cards are the need of all the mobile phones to meet the heavy demands of memory expanding nowadays but these are also a house full of many problems. The most common problem among sd cards nowadays is the corrupt sd cards.

The SD cards get corrupted and the users lose all its important data which is unrecoverable. Sometimes the users get very frustrated because sometimes there is no issue at all. The card just stops working unexpectedly and there is no obvious reason or it. The only solution the users see is to format the SD card which makes the user lose all its data and files. Sometimes there is no surety of not losing data and in this hope the users delete everything. If you want to overcome the problem try using this method as follows:

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Use of “CHKDSK” command to try to fix the corrupt SD card:

The CHKDSK stands for check disk command and is used to check the status of the card. It is recommended by the users that this should be the first choice the user with facing such type of problem with the SD card.

For this method, you need to get a card reader which is going to help you to insert your memory SD card to the windows laptop. These windows in the laptop are going to have a feature for this check disk command and it is going to help you overcome this problem.

Now a day’s laptops are already having a card reader and in case it does not then buy it externally. This feature is going to help out in regaining the data of the SD card along with fixing and repairing of the SD card for further use of the card.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to overcome the problem with this solution.

1. Plug in or insert the micro SD card of yours into the laptop or PC directly or by using the card reader.
2. Now, hit the windows key in the leftmost corner and type ‘cmd’ in the search box to bring up the command prompt.

SD Card Recovery
3. Then, right click on the option of the run as administrator in the command prompt.
4. Then type the following command: chkdsk/X/f SD_card_letter: or sd_card_letter:/f (this is an example if the card on your pc is reading as disk f, you can write accordingly.)

SD Card Recovery

Now windows are going to check the status of the SD card about any problem and then the fix them without deleting any files from your SD card.

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This process of getting the SD card renewed can take several minutes but is going to be worth waiting for.

The time also varies according to the size of the SD card.
After the successful completion of the task, the message will show as “corrections are made to the file system by windows” in the command window.

Now your card is fixed and you can use the card for storing anything and the best thing is that none of the data is lost in this process.

Data recovery tool to correct the card malfunction:

If the above method does not work for some of the users or they are not having the necessary equipment to fulfill the task, then they are going to have an alternative to perform the task.

If the user is having access to different kinds of the operating system available and they want to try a hand in other operating systems too then they can do this by the above steps.

But if this also does not work then the only option left is to format the card. Even now if the user is not willing to do so then the user can try of using third-party software to meet your demands and try another way to fix their problems.

There is much software available in the market to recover the data the best of those are: iskysoft, Recuva, Easus etc. you can try this to get your work done. Even if this doesn’t help format the SD card is the only option left.

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