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Torrent files are one of the most downloaded and surfed contents over the internet. Torrent provides users easy download of their wanted files from the web. But not every torrent content is made available to all the users who need some particular content to download.

As torrenting is becoming one of the top activities on the web world across the globe, so with its increasing popularity, more and more torrent websites have been made over the last ten years and so now we finally face too much of copyright violations and torrent sites are being blocked.

The anti-piracy advocates and the DMCA have been working against the copyrighted materials’ download and are taking actions to crack down the torrent links/sites by working with the Internet Service Providers. This has become a problem for many regular torrent users as when they try to open some of the torrent links, they are taken to a blank or unresponsive page.

But still users can visit anonymously to these web pages and access the required content so has come up with their solutions!

How a proxy pass works:

Below is the working of a proxy pass for a torrent, BitTorrent. We connect to a group of other users when we connect or seed a torrent. That group is called a swarm. So your IP address is visible to all of the swarm members as they are connecting with you.

This is made in order to maintain the ease in sharing files and information in that information. This sharing of IP address allows other members, proxy(s) to enter in the environment. The proxy access the log into the address of the people in the swarm. A Proxy does the job of filtering the online traffic through another server with an anonymous login and make way to the required link.

How to set up a proxy:

Method 1: (socks5 proxy)
Basically, a proxy is a VPN provider. We need to sign up for the VPN service of a Private Internet Access’ website. Some of them are free but some are paid. We can take a try by the monthly subscription before taking the annual one. You will be sent your username and password for the proxy network. You can then log in to your portal, further, you may alter your password in the client control panel

Further, you can configure your proxy in the µTorrent. Go to option > Preferences> connection and choose Socks5 under ‘type’ and do the following entry in the information section below:

•Proxy Type: Socks5
•Proxy Port: 1080
•Proxy Host:
•Password: Your Private Internet Access Proxy password (from step two)
•Username: Your Private Internet Access Proxy username (from step two)
Make sure that all the information in your client configurations must be the same as mentioned above.

Next step is to ensure that your torrent client network is working properly. The website will indicate/show your IP address. Compare the IP address with your torrent client’s IP address it will tell you whether it is working properly or not. We can test it by clicking on the ‘Generate Torrent’ button and then opening µTorrent to access the resulting torrent.

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Now, go back to your browser and refresh the IP address by selecting the option under ‘Check IP’ tab. If the IP address will be different from your IP address, that means you are successful in it, otherwise, if it remains same, that means there was some problem and you need to repeat the steps. After the successful login, it will tunnel through the traffic which was blocked before and grant you access through it.

Method 2: Using free proxy online

This method is comparatively easier and quicker to use the method from the upper mentioned method. There are a variety of websites on the internet which allows users to access a website anonymously and hence they provide a ready-made interface which helps the users to quickly enter any blocked website without dealing with complexities of another IP address. You just need the URL you want to visit and then opening the proxy website, get that URL down in the proxy browser and your job is done! Fast isn’t it.

The online proxy is available on a variety of websites and their usage is very simple and quick. You don’t need to generate any client network or another IP address, this method gets that all already prepared for you! You simply need to open it in your browser and get the required kink which you want to tunnel through and the job is done. You can also download VPN software from this website which is quite fast in speed, we will discuss VPN later on in this article.

One thing that should be kept in mind while using an online proxy is that you should always use reputed websites which have a trust. Though tunneling and filtering the online traffic is done by the same method by all these websites, still we recommend you to use only the top trusted websites which keep you safe from any risk as well as will provide you quick access. There are a variety of websites available on the internet for the users to get a free proxy entry. Below is a list of 7 best free online proxy providing websites:

1. Hiderster. : Hiderster provides you an online proxy which is SSL supported which helps us being protected from scripts and other methods which are malicious and which can also harm your computer.
2. is another proxy website for anonymously browsing into blocked sites. This website also provides us VPN service which is a plus point.
3. this website also provides proxy access to any website including YouTube. There is a large no of proxy servers available in this website. You can also block ads
4. VPN Book: this website provides a proxy that supports HTTPS and it works on 256-bit encryption. It has a proxy randomly selected for you from its available proxy servers.
5. KProxy: Kproxy allows you to switch between 10 different proxy servers. It also allows you to hide the menu which generally sticks above while using a proxy server which makes the browsing difficult.
6. is another proxy generating website for you to visit anonymously. However you cannot remove any ads from this website, yet it is among the good proxy websites for the users.
7. Megaproxy: Megaproxy is also a proxy website, it offers you to disable or enable the OS and browser user identification, plus it also gives us the facility to remove ads.

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Let us discuss the steps to use a free online proxy, for instance, “hide me “ proxy.

Below are the steps for using the hide proxy pass. :

1. Open your web browser, say google chrome.
2. Open the torrent link (or any other link which is not granting you access).
3. Now select a new tab and type “” in the URL bar and press go.
4. Now you will be taken to a website where VPN and proxy are available to you
5. Select “free proxy” in the menu tab of the webpage (home page)
6. Now you can unblock any blocked website, you just need to copy the URL of the blocked webpage from your previous tab and then you will see a URL in the middle of the page in the hide me proxy page, just paste the required URL the bar and press enter.
7. Now you will visit that particular web address anonymously without any hurdle.

One more thing to note about using the free online proxy websites is that if you are a regular user of proxy then we recommend you to get a paid proxy from the same websites as the paid proxy are better in speed as well as performance.

Method : 3 (VPN)

The proxy like private internet access is a very effective and convenient way to bypass the blockage caused to the torrent link/website. If you need another way to access the blocked torrent, you can also use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get the job done.

The working of a VPN is similar to the working of the proxy pass, the difference between the two is that VPN routes all your internet network traffic and on the other hand, the proxy pass will reroute the traffic of the BitTorrent.

VPN routes your internet network to a different location, it makes you access the required web stuff from the server of a different location.VPN is also paid as well as freely available. In addition to that, VPN also ensures the safety of your network in unknown Wi-Fi connections.

Once you download the VPN application you simply need to turn the VPN ON and it will help you tunnel through the traffic in all of your internet and will make u visit every website anonymously. There are a variety of VPNs available over the net and you can also download various VPN application from the Google Play Store.

So, these were the few ways to access blocked torrent links. For further information about VPN and bypassing torrent and other seized networks, stay connected to


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