Sony Xperia XZ4

Even though we have recently seen the new Sony Xperia XZ3 launched, the new Xperia XZ4 can be just around the corners in the market. The Sony Xperia XZ3 is undoubtedly one the most exciting and stimulating smartphones of the time, so the expectations from the sony have really reached to a high level. Sony often tends to leave only about six months gap between the flagship handset. Sony is one of the best camera sensor makers so let’s see what the new brings up to us.

Well, we have not really exact idea what the new phone consist of but according to a leak, we have estimated what it might be like. So to know more about it follow the article properly.

Sony Xperia XZ4
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Sony Xperia XZ4 Release Date and Price

SONY, a trusted company has released a phone almost every year has kept its smartphones to be durable and affordable as well. Sony releases phones under different budget and flagships such as mid-range, sub – flagship, and flagships many under the Xperia umbrella, not like others these days.

According to the sources, since the company refreshes and adds new smartphones to its sub flagships range every six months, which are called the Xperia XZ range which was previously also known to us by the name of Xperia X.

We can clearly estimate the range of releases of the new member in the Xperia XZ range to be in the month of February 2019. And during this time occurs the MWC, Commonly known to us by the name of mobile world congress.

Previous reports clear us that Sony released the Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 COMPACT at the Barcelona show, followed by the XZ2 PREMIUM at a couple of months after.

Then the XZ3 model was launched in the year 2018 without any compact or premium model, sources also suggest that the upcoming XZ4 might come with a compact model in 2019 only. Though the date is still unknown it is our best guess at this time that it might come from 25-30 of February 2018.

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Now, the pricing is expected to be placed around XZ3 and so we can guess it around £699 or $899.

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Sony Xperia XZ4 Design

This phone in the series has shaken the all phones in the series. it has one the best design. It has not used Omni balance design which was expected from Xperia devices, switching to curved rear, slimmer edges and reduced bezels around the display. We expect this to be slimmer and with better picture quality. The camera will be seen as triple that is it will have 3 rear cameras.

We know that only Xperia xz2 premium had the dual camera other than this all had a single rear camera which turns out to be noticeable that this xz4 is having 3 rear cameras. Since the rival companies like Huawei have already introduced 3 rear camera system it’s not that surprising that Sony wants to become a competition for all.

The phone might have a flat screen and maybe the fingerprint sensor can have the position in the side of the panel just like the volume and power button though this news is not sure but if it is it will be surprisingly exciting to a phone with this feature. at the bottom, there is a c-type USB type.

According to CAD images, the specifications of the phone will be like it will measure 166.9×72.4×8.2 mm, which is quite big from the previous edition XZ3. Since the CAD images are not very reliable but can give a rough sketch.

Sony Xperia XZ4 Display

Like OnePlus 6T we are expecting Sony to have a notched display on the smartphone. Since the Xperia XZ3 had an amazing display the XZ4 has bigger shoes to fill. Sony might use the OLED for the panel of the Xperia XZ4 with a high-quality QUAD HD+ resolution again. Since the display was absolutely amazing for the predecessor we expect Sony to have a better vision for the XZ4. Mobile HDR will be there without the shadow of doubts, along with Sony’s tremendous technology of the X’S reality trilumious and HDR upconversion technologies.

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The ration expected with the XZ4 is the outstanding 18:9 or thereabouts. there are also the rumors of the ratio 21:9. A site named frequent leaker ice universe support the 21:9 ratio claiming that the screen guards they have are the size of i-phone x max and therefore they say that the size of the screen is expected to be 152 mm and if this stands true then it will probably be a very better and long display which will be a threat to the competitors.

Xperia XZ4 Cameras

The completion in the field of the camera is really very high by the rivals like Google, Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung and many others.

The camera of this phone has raised really high expectations among users as it is heard the camera might be 3 rear cameras which will be better than all the models far beyond. We expect the 3 cameras for the new bokeh image mainly for the main sensor, a telephoto sensor for zooming and a depth sensor for really stunning images. We also expect a super slow motion video at the rate of 1080p

Xperia XZ4 Hardware and Software

The expected chipset is the Snapdragon 855, which was recently announced by the QUALCOMM in the QUALCOMM’s summit 2018. Sony has been the most loyal customer to them. The ram is 4 GB along with 64 GB of storage as well as extended memory up to 512 GB. We expect a 3330 mAh or more battery capacity with XZ4.

In terms of software, we expect it to be launched on latest Android Pie with Sony software over the top.

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