WWDC 2018 :Apple Announced iOS 12

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Apple has announced its latest iOS operating system, iOS 12 at Worldwide Developers Conference on 4th June 2018 in San Francisco. iOS 12 will run on all iPhones and iPads devices from early September. Apple has focused on improving the performance by making it faster and more responsive. iOS 12 performance improvement includes a quick camera, faster app launching, and faster keyboard appearance. Apple has
improved both old and new devices, iOS 12 is designed in such a way that it will run on all old devices which are able to run iOS 11. It will run on all devices which have the 64-bit chipset, iOS 12 compatible devices are iPhone 5S, iPad mini2, and iPad Air or any newer device. This update is going to support 22 iPhone devices. Apple has given 14 new features in iOS 12 which is the major update till now Apple has come.

WWDC 2018 :Apple Announced iOS 12

Talking about the performance, Apple has really focused on its speed, stability, and performance. Apps will launch 40% faster than before, The keyboard comes up 50% faster, the camera will launch 70% faster with just a slide to take a picture. It also features optimization to save battery life, which performs immediately when its need and shut off when it’s not in use. Apple has added new augmented reality ARkit 2 with the new multiplayer feature. This allows you to share your experience with other people in the same AR environment on separate devices. With new ARkit 2, Apple is also introducing a new app called A measure which has the capability to measure the objects with sensors, you just need to place the object in front tap the screen and drag the edges to the object. Apple is presenting new USDZ file format with Pixar and adobe which allows the user to share AR file on Mails, Messages, Safari and many more. It also allows you to share 3D AR objects into the real world by using these apps.

WWDC 2018 :Apple Announced iOS 12

Coming to the camera, with iOS 12 there are not such big changes still you would be able to click more natural photographs with soft edges and in the portrait mode much defined blurred background. The camera offers better search options with different photographs categories like, place, day, time, event which helps you to search particular image easily and special category tab “For You”. In this special category, it shows you
featured photos with effect suggestion and album activity. It will suggest and tick particular image that it thinks you want to share.

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WWDC 2018 :Apple Announced iOS 12


With iOS 12 Apple has made Siri much smarter than before. It will now allow you to assign task using phrases. If you say “I lost my keys” it means Siri will ring Tile tracker to find your keys. Siri also gets a new feature “Shortcut”, Apple has created a shortcut in iOS 12 which will help you to create shortcuts on the lock screen like if you’re at the gym will play music, Call reminder on special days. It also features voice shortcut for a specific app, you can create your own shortcuts with Shortcut app. Siri is also updated in terms of language, now Siri can translate over 40 different languages which is very useful while travelling internationally. Siri is been also updated on Food, Celebrity, Motorsports score and stats knowledge now will get the detailed specific answer from USDA database.

Apple has also updated its preinstalled apps for better performance.

News and Stock 

The major change will be seen in News. It is newly designed with a browser tab and a new sidebar for easy navigation. Stock comes with a completely new design. There are two new updates in Stock app first there will be complete news with Charts. The second one is Business news, Apple news will appear in the headline directly in-app.

Voice Memos

Voice Memos is upgraded and coming to iPad. The all-new Voice memos are easy to use which makes it easier to assign names to voice clips. It will be getting iCloud support by this you don’t have to Airdrop your conversation to listen in back.


CarPlay has got an immense update as it is now going to support the third party applications like Google Maps, Waze.


iBooks is rebuilt and gets a new name “Apple Book” with a new feature Reading Now,which lets you read from where you left.

WWDC 2018 :Apple Announced iOS 12

Apple with iOS 12 update is not just limited to just new design. It also gets updates in terms to improve your life. The “Do Not Disturb” mode has been updated to “Do not disturb during bedtime”. When you’re trying to sleep and see a notification you get distracted. When this mode is activated, it will not just turn your notification off but it will disable visual notifications. There will be no notification until the screen remains lock, once you unlock your phone you will receive all the notifications. With DND mode you can set end time as per your preference.

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WWDC 2018 :Apple Announced iOS 12

iOS 12 features Instant tuning for notifications. It will allow you to control notifications directly from lock screen. Notifications from apps sometimes are very annoying but don’t have time to go to the particular app and turn off notifications. Now Apple has made it so much easier, now you just need to click on the individual app profile directly on the lock screen and it will show you options like turn off notifications completely or turn it silent. Turning off notification directly from the screen will not hamper your work. Siri will also help you to clear your messy lock screen, by suggesting you turn off the notification for applications, you’re not using anymore. It will also suggest grouping the notifications by apps or by topic which makes it simpler to look at once.

WWDC 2018 :Apple Announced iOS 12

These days people are spending most of the time on their phone, anything beyond limit nothing is not good. So with iOS 12, Apple has created new Usage monitoring, limits and parental control features. This will help you to monitor your weekly activity by how much time you’re spending on a particular app, which app is your favourite and use most of the time and which app is sending you most of the notifications. To help Apple comes with a limit option where you can set the limit for the particular app as you want. Once the time is up it will display a time up message and screen will be locked. Parental control is another great feature by Apple in iOS 12 which enable the parent to create limits for kids like how much time they can spend on the phone and particular app. It comes with always allowed setting which enables Educational and all essential apps for kids to work without any limitations.

WWDC 2018 :Apple Announced iOS 12

The iOS popular app, FaceTime is getting updates with iOS 12 which allows a group FaceTime with up to 32 participants. This FaceTime interface is different, once people start speaking, size of the window starts becoming bigger and bigger. With iOS 12 FaceTime you will get Anmoji to have fun while speaking to your friends and family members. Apple has come with New Memoji and Animoji in iOS 12. Anijomi is expanded with some new mask Ghost, Koala, Tiger, and T-Rex which also features Tongue and wink detection. Memoji is nothing but personalized Animoji. With Memoji you can create Animoji of yourself.


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