YouTube Music and YouTube Premium launched

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YouTube Music and YouTube Premium launched

Google has finally launched all-new YouTube Music and YouTube Premium on 18 June 2018 in 17 different countries. Seventeen countries are the U.S. A, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Austria, New Zealand, Finland, France, Australia, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Norway where YouTube Music and YouTube Premium is rolled out for everyone. Currently, it is available for these countries, later it will be rolled out for several other countries as well.

In 2015 YouTube Red was launched to offer folks to enjoy ad-free videos at a cost of $9.99/month, now YouTube Red is being replaced by YouTube Premium. YouTube premium will provide same as Youtube Red Service wise. YouTube Premium materialized with lots of fantastic features Ad-free videos, Play videos in the background, download videos for offline use and access to all YouTube originals content these are all feature which you were able to enjoy with YouTube Red as well, however it comes with additional features to improve the overall experience. Once you get YouTube Premium subscription you will be able to use YouTube Music as well with its premium features. With YouTube Premium, you can also check out all current or old YouTube Original series like Squad Wars, Cobra Kai, Lazer Team 2, Lifeline and many more.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium launched

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YouTube original series will come up with lots of new series and movies in future which will include every zone like reality series, dramas, action-adventure shows and comedies, these series and movies will be collected from different countries. It will cost you $11.99 a month, for those folks who have Google Play Music or YouTube Red subscription here is good news for them as they will be getting access to YouTube Premium as a part of their membership at current $9.99 a month price in New Zealand, US, Australia, and Mexico. And for users, those who already have Google Play Music subscription in other countries will get access to YouTube Music Premium once it is available for them in their country. For those folks who have not tried YouTube Red yet here is the last change, YouTube is giving three months free trial to experience its all-new YouTube Premium.

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YouTube Music and YouTube Premium launched

YouTube Music is another new launch which comes with music streaming services. Like all other online music services, you can listen to music online and even you can download songs, to listen in offline mode. The monthly cost for YouTube Music is $9.99, this subscription will allow you to listen to music without any ads, play music in background and download music for offline use. Offline music is pretty cool with this you can listen to music even if you don’t have internet. YouTube Music comes with the mobile app and desktop version as well. It also features individual songs, live performances, full albums, music videos and many more. It will give you recommendations based on your history, the last song or artists songs you have played and will create a favourite playlist based on the songs you have played many times. It will also recommend songs based on your location and your activity. YouTube Music also feature where you can create your playlist with your favourite songs, it also comes with a quick-witted searching feature to provide the desired result as fast as possible. YouTube is giving three months free trial for YouTube Music experience it later you can subscribe at $9.99.


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